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It’s Important to Frame Wedding Photos

Custom framed wedding photos in Ireland

I am a big believer in printing and framing photos. I hate to see photos sitting on a phone, buried deep in a folder on a computer hard drive or on a memory stick lost in the back of a drawer somewhere. It’s important to take the time to print and frame and display your wedding pictures.

There are many ways you can do this, but if you want to make sure that they last and fit the space you intend to place them, then here are some things you should consider when choosing a framed wedding photo.

Frame Size

Consider the space you want to hang your frames, and what size they need to be in order for them all to fit nicely on your wall or shelf. You want there to be enough room so that no one frame is too crowded together, but not so much space between them either. The size of the room can also be a factor in what size frame to choose for your custom framed wedding photos. For medium sized rooms we recommend a 16 X 12 frame with a 12 X 8 print. For larger rooms with lots of wall space we recommend 22 X 16 frame with a 18 X 12 print.

Wall Art Display

For some rooms, a display of multiple framed photos can work very well, mixing different size frames to create a pattern or symmetrical effect.

Matting / Mounting

Matting can change the the look and feel of your wedding day memories significantly, therefore it’s best to choose either a white or black mating, depending on the wedding photos themselves. If you are framing a black and white photo, we recommend a white frame with a white matting.

Frame Material

Your wedding pictures are precious memories, so make sure that your wedding photo frames are strong enough to last for generations to come. Here at The Framed Photo, our frames are made from real wood.

Wall Mounting

The majority of our frames use strong sawtooth hangers. The hangers are placed on the strong hardboard backing to avoid any warping of the frame. Placing the hanger on the backing also helps to hide any nails or fixing on the wall, bringing the frame more flush with the wall.

So there you have it, some useful tips on choosing wedding photo frames that will make yours our your clients wedding memories stand out forever.


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