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Essential Tools Every Amateur Photographer Needs to Have

Essential tools for photographers

Photography is a fun and fascinating process. It’s easier now than ever to get started too. Long gone are the days of needing portable darkrooms or waiting hours to take a single photograph. You can dive in and start snapping away at anything that piques your interest.

The art of photography has come a long way over the years. It’s easier than ever to get started in it and take your first steps! These might seem be a bit obvious, but here are five essential things every photographer should have.

  1. A camera. You can’t take photographs without one!
  2. A tripod for capturing still images. Great for landscapes, portraits and anything else that needs to be held steady
  3. Filters which help photographers tweak their shots just so with things like colour balance, light diffusion and glare reduction.
  4. A lens cleaner or cloths to keep lenses clean from dust, dirt or smudges before taking that perfect shot.
  5. You will also need some necessary accessories including memory cards, batteries and chargers. The rest is pretty useless without these things.

And finally, the most important thing of all is you. It’s your eye, passion and drive which sets your photographs apart from everyone else’s.

Using a Camera That Does The Job

A camera is one of the most essential pieces of equipment that a photographer can have. It’s definitely not necessary to have an expensive camera, but it’s important to have one that will do the job.

The camera doesn’t need to be an expensive DSLR with thousands of features. A basic point-and-shoot or bridge digital camera will do just fine for beginners or photographers on a budget. A lot of these small cameras are lightweight, easy to carry around with you, and come in different shapes and sizes.

You also want your camera to take great photos quickly. Obviously you don’t want it taking 10 seconds per photo!

A tripod for capturing still images

A tripod is another essential tool that photographers should have. It’s used for holding the camera still and taking the shot without any blurriness.

Tripods can easily be adjusted to sit at different angles and heights for your convenience. They collapse to a small size for portability and typically come with a bag or case.

A tripod is great for landscapes, portraits, architecture, still life and more. It’s an essential tool to have if you want steady shots without having blurriness from camera shake.


You can use special filters to help enhance your photos with things like colour balance, light diffusion and glare reduction. Filters are great for taking certain kinds of photos where the lighting isn’t great, like direct sunlight or where there is bright reflections.

Lens Cleaner/Cloths

Having a cloth for cleaning lenses is a must-have in every photographer’s kit. The lens itself, where you take your photos, can be dirty from smudges, dirt or dust. If you want to make sure that your photos are clear and clean, then having a cloth handy can help you get that perfect shot without any blotches or scratches on the lens.

Memory Cards

How many times have you put a memory card in your camera and gone off to get some shots of your favourite landscape, only to find you have run out of space on the card. Having a second, or third memory can is very handy and you should always keep at least one spare memory card in your camera bag.


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